Our Mission, Goals and Objectives

The objectives for Growth Management and Strategies are:

  1. We target net sales of MMK 1.0 billion or more in each of our first four businesses years for overall net sales of MMK 500 million and to maintain job costing that keeps margins above 70%.
  2. Our company plans to grow from 5 employees in Year 1, to over 20 by Year 5.
  3. We intend to secure stable profit in the brand business with the aim of further business expansion in the OEM business to own factory business.
  4. We aim to change the ratio of sales from the current ratio of 75% from the OEM business and 25% from the Brand business by gradually increasing the Brand business ratio to about 40% to secure stable profits, and to grow the OEM business by strengthening price competitiveness through stable profitability.
  5. We will export factory products, including some medical consumable goods into surrounding regions (Southeast Asian and Asian countries) from 2019 onward.
  6. We will continue to improve our business capabilities by strengthening product development, price competitiveness and procurement.
  7. We aim to ensure attentive, effective, low-cost promotional plans, proactive customer service and personalized attention to customers.
  8. We target to sustain our reputation as a reliable, customer-oriented, dynamic player in the market.
  9. We target to achieve profitable growth, operational and organizational excellence without compromising from our values and business ethics
  10. We plan to stabilize trade business in the medical field before expansion to ensure continuous cash flow.
  11. With the theme of “Health, Beauty and Environment”, we contribute to the realization of lifestyles and social lives that are comfortable and dream-inspiring by designing and developing lifestyle-related goods of superior quality and delivering them to consumers.
  12. Through further development of our business model, we aim to become a company that can satisfy all clients, consumers and employees alike.